How to Connect a Google Sheet with WPForms plugin?

How to Connect a Google Sheet with WPForms plugin?

Want to monitor your form entries in a spreadsheet? When you connect WordPress to Google Sheets, you and your team members can easily sort through and analyze the data. Here’s how to send data from your WordPress form to a Google Sheet.

Saving Form Entries in Google Sheets

A few benefits of saving form entries in Google Sheets are:

  • Easy team collaboration: Your team members can easily monitor form entries. You don’t need to provide login credentials to your WordPress dashboard.
  • Quick data analysis: Generate personalized reports based on the data your visitors submit and make informed decisions quickly and easily. For example, if you’re creating a poll, you can easily interpret the user inputs by connecting them with Google Sheets.
  • Save entries automatically: You don’t need to enter the form entries by hand. Simply connect your form with Google Sheets and all the entries will be saved automatically.

Integrate WPForms with Google Sheets

To add your form entries to Google Sheets, the first thing you need to do is to install and activate the WPForms plugin. Here’s a step by step guide on how to install a WordPress plugin.
After the installation, you’ll need to create a simple WordPress form. You can see our tutorial on creating a simple contact form in WPForms. Let’s rename the form as Google Sheets for the sake of this example.
In order to import entries into Google Sheets from your form, you’ll need to install and activate Gsheet WpForm Connector on your site.



Below I have mention one video, in that video, we have guided you in the detail how to connect WPforms with Google Sheets.



I hope your WP Contact Form perfectly connects with Google sheet, but still, are you facing a connection?
Feel free to drop your question on, we more than happy to help you.
Gsheet Connector has a premium version of this plugging.

In the premium version, you will get lots of more useful features, that will save you more time. 

  1. one click authentication
  2. up to date google sheet API
  3. automated sheet and tab name
  4. click and fetch automated feature
  5. quick configuration
  6. latest WordPress and PHP support
  7. multiple sites support
  8. automatic updates
  9. special mail tags feature
  10. image/pdf attachment link
  11. 10-days money-back guarantee
  12. excellent priority support

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